Moving Away From AWS Access Keys

Following Amazon IAM best practices for AWS credentials

I started using GitHub Actions to handle the Hugo build and deployment of this website. I was using an AWS IAM user with the required profile and added their Access Key ID and Secret Access Key as repository secrets.

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

Extending the range of my certifications

I sat my HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam yesterday. I had been using Terraform over the last year, looking at ways of improving the speed and quality of the infrastructure builds on my last contract. Once again I decided to put my knowledge and experience into a certification.

Down-level Filesets on AIX

Investigating the issue with the 'oslevel' command

AIX Levels are named based on Release, Technology Level, Service Pack, and Build Sequence Identifier e.g. 7100-05-04-1914. As well as the current OS level, the oslevel command can show details of the TLs and SPs on a server along with details of any up- or down-level filesets.

IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty

The IBM Professional Certification Program

I have been working with IBM AIX for almost 28 years, starting with v3.2.5. Over the years I have considered taking the various certification exams that IBM used to offer but never got around to organising it. AIX has recently been added to their Professional Certification Program so I decided it was time to test myself.

Oxygen Technician and Gas Blenders Course

Learning to mix it up

The final part of my marathon training block was the 2-day Oxygen Technician and Gas Blenders course. This started in the classroom, discussing Oxygen handling techniques and enriched breathing mixture (i.e. Nitrox or EANx)