Enable LDAP User SSH to Synology NAS

Securing the connection to your NAS

Users created with Synology’s LDAP Server have their login shell set to /sbin/nologin. Add the following to the end of /usr/syno/etc/nslcd.conf if you want to enable SSH logins to your NAS for your LDAP users

Hiding Cell Values In Excel

Hide the value of a cell if its neighbouring cell is zero or blank

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of all my business expenses. To make it less cluttered, and easier on the eye, I wanted to get rid of all the repeated, irrelevant values in the columns that may not have an entry for each day.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

My first AWS certification

I sat my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam on Friday. I knew I had passed when I had finished, but I had to wait a couple of days for the score, my certificate and my badge.

Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers

Python for Beginners

I am working towards my AWS System Architect - Associate certification, training online with A Cloud Guru. I started this last year but the course has been updated for the latest version of the exam. A few new modules have been added to the Architect Learning Path, so I’m doing their ‘Python for Beginners’ course.