Back to School

I started my Dive Industry Technicians Course (DITC) with STATS 2000 in Morecambe today. There are 3 of us on the course; two of us are divers and the third works in a commercial diving environment.

The course is being held at STATS 2000’s classroom/workshop. This used to be one of 12 stables for some of the horses and carriages that rode up and down the promenade. It is number 13 because number 1 was the blacksmith. The workshops (working and training) are on the ground floor and the classroom, kitchen and office are on the first, in the old hayloft.

Today we covered air composition (including the characteristics of all of the components), gas laws (Boyle’s, Ideal and Kinetic) followed by the required workshop tools and basic workshop setup. Tomorrow gets a bit more exciting as we’re hands-on in the workshop doing basic inspection of regulators (1st and 2nd stages), BCDs and cylinders.

Before that, though, it’s homework!!!