Bottles or Tanks? Cylinders!

There was no rest as I was straight into the Cylinder Testing Part 2 course, the first part of this having been covered in the DITC. The learning moved, as you might expect, to another level.

The first day was classroom based, revising the basic principles and then expanding on various topics. Day 2 was exam day, with as much of the day as was required to complete it. This comprised 20 “stations” containing cylinders and or valves which we were required to inspect, assess and classify as Accept or Reject. Some examples of the tests are:

  • Categorising real and simulated defects on the outside of a cylinder.
  • Eddy Current testing an aluminium cylinder for cracks and documenting where they were found.
  • A set of 6 cylinder valves of various types which were inspected for defects in the:
    • Valve body
    • Output thread (for DIN) or O-ring groove (for A-Clamp) and identifying the thread standard
    • Valve thread and identifying the thread standard
  • Internal inspection of a cylinder

This was the hardest part of the course. Even though I didn’t score full marks, I did manage a score of 125 (with a pass-mark of 100)! I’m proud of the work I put in and to be an ASSET qualified Cylinder Technician.