Add an iCloud Alias to Outlook on iOS

If you are using Outlook on iOS (or iPadOS) all email sent from your iCloud account will, by default, use your Apple ID email address. However, you may wish to send from an alias associated with your Apple ID instead. The following steps will enable you to set this up:

  • In Outlook, press the Home icon in the top-left:
  • Press the Settings (Gear) icon in the bottom-left:
  • In the “Email Accounts” section, select your iCloud Account:
  • In the “Accounts Setting” section, select “Advanced Settings”:
  • Select “Add Alias”:
  • Enter your email alias and press Done. As the message says, “To send messages from an alias, please make sure you have linked the associated email account in iCloud settings:”
  • Select Save in the “Do you want to save this alias?” dialog:
  • Select “Edit Default Address”:
  • Select the alias you just added and press “Save Default Address”:
  • Press the back-arrow (top-left) twice and then exit Settings by pressing the X in the top-left.

If you now create a new email it will send from this alias, as long as your iCloud account is the default account in Outlook. If not, you will need to press the From: address and select your alias.