Trying to Use My Experience

The non-responses I have received from job applications

In the seven months since my last contract finished, I have made several applications for both contract and permanent roles. In addition, there were other positions where I was approached directly by a company or an agent. The response has generally been one of the following, whether or not I made it to an interview:

  1. The position has been filled internally.
  2. The funding has been withdrawn.
  3. Silence.

The weirdest justification for not being offered a role was that they didn’t think I could handle the change in scale required for the position. My CV demonstrates that my experiences over the last 30 years have been all about embracing new technologies, learning new skills and adapting to the changes in scale required to move from physical to virtual to cloud environments. Maybe that’s it; someone sees 30 years of experience and assumes I must be old, intolerant to change and reluctant to learn.