Oxygen Technician and Gas Blenders Course

Learning to mix it up

The final part of my marathon training block was the 2-day Oxygen Technician and Gas Blenders course. This started in the classroom, discussing Oxygen handling techniques and enriched breathing mixture (i.e. Nitrox or EANx)

Cylinder Testing Course Part 2

Are they bottles or tanks? They're cylinders!

There was no rest as I was straight into the Cylinder Testing Part 2 course, the first part of this having been covered in the DITC. The learning moved, as you might expect, to another level.

From The Classroom To The Workshop

Of course I can take it apart

Day 4 of the course and we were in the workshop tackling 1st stage disassembly and reassembly. First up were a Northern Diver and an Apeks DST, both diaphragm designs. The instructor took us through each step and then got us to do the same. The first one was a challenge but it worked well; no components were left over, it locked up correctly and there was no creep. The second one was easier, even with the differences between the two, but it too performed as expected.